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Carrie McFadden, MPH, I joined the SADOD team in November 2021 to assist with direct service provider focus groups. I have worked in public health for nearly 30 years in areas of policy, program development, professional development, quality improvement and continuing education. Over the past 20 years, I have mainly chosen positions that focus on issues related to substance use disorders, improving care, treatment and addressing stigma for those impacted. When I was invited to join SADOD full-time I came to realize that this was not only a professional journey but also a personal journey as well. This position has given me the space, support and grace to acknowledge and grieve whom I have loved and lost to the disease of addiction. I began my early career in a mindset of trying to fix my family history and now I realize all we can really do is connect with others who have walked similar paths, support with love, without judgment, and move forward as we are able. I feel deep gratitude to be part of this work family and the mission to help support others who have been bereaved by substance use related causes.