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Grief Conference

For Peer Grief Helpers

The Massachusetts Peer Grief Helper Network meets on two Saturdays each month at 9:00 a.m. to learn about peer grief support, share with each other experiences as peer grief helpers, and provide each other with peer support for the grief and challenges peer grief helpers encounter. For more information about the Saturday MA PGH Network meeting, please contact us.

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Slides for the "Grief Triggers - In Grief Support Groups" video, below (or click here to view video)

Slides for the "SADOD Spring 2021 Outreach & Promotions" video, below (or click here to view video).

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This Toolkit is a guide to managing and facilitating a Virtual
Peer Grief Support Group. 


Customizable PDF to share your group’s contact information.

Download and print as many copies as you would like.


Strong Emotions During a Peer Grief Support Group
How Guidelines Help Peer Grief Group Facilitators
Marketing Your Peer Grief Support Group
C19 Peer Group Support
Five Practices: How to Provide Peer Grief Support
Grief Triggers - In Grief Support Groups
SADOD Spring 2021 Outreach & Promotions
Overdose Awareness Day